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After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. -Aldous Huxley

Tube Exits

Calling all ferroequinologists, metrophiles etc. There is an app, a certain app and you’ll be sure to do all you can to buy this app…called Tube Exits. As I might interview the guy who made it (and it’ll give you a bit of background knowledge)

Congratulations to those to whom the passing of gay marriage means a whole lot! I wish you all a a further life of happiness!

One Way Trigger/ The Strokes

Mega Excited about the new Strokes album and this is a link to their new track One Way Trigger to prove it! Put your email below to receive the free mp3!

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The effect of music on the memory

I rarely think about this…because its normally something that you don’t think about but everyone can relate to it. How can one song bring back so many memories of any time? It can feel like the worst time in the present, but in June, mid-January will be dearly missed and all because of one album, playlist or song. Music brings a sense of nostalgia to any song that you’ve loved. I, as a compulsive-listening-type of music fan, recognize this almost daily. Songs that I’ve listened to the Christmas before practically carry me through October and November with the knowledge that the festive period is about to begin. Even songs like Gangnam Style or One Day Like This will define 2012 for me as hits and olympic ceremony closers. But songs in Winter that remind me of Summer. Songs of Autumn that remind me of Spring. All bring back almost tearshed-worthy moments!

Chris Owens/ Lysandre

Has anyone listened to Christopher Owen’s first solo album Lysandre. I personally enjoyed it but there are only some songs that have lyrics that people pay attention to. You’d have to be a die hard fan to understand a whole album’s meaning. Yes, perhaps this LP means more to him personally than most of indie music’s following. But even with this, the music still hits the spot. The opening song, album-titled Lysandre brings the album’s opening Jacobean riff which is ever- present throughout the album. After talking to a friend, an obsessive Girls fan, I picked up that she felt that the album was powerful, heartfelt, best experienced live and that Owens’ song-writing is better with Girls than his album but this story of his relationship with a barmaid has struck a note and perhaps pathed the way to a second solo album but it’s too early to tell right now.

Chris Owens plays live at Union Chapel, Islington on Wednesday 29th May 2013.

I love this video of Cornerstone by Arctic Monkeys!

I love this video of Cornerstone by Arctic Monkeys!

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150 Years of the Tube!

Happy Birthday to the Tube and the Metropolitan line…

So who is excited about the return of one of the coolest men in music? An icon returns to recording for the first time in 10 year! After much speculation after his absence from the Olympic ceremonies, people thought that he couldn’t sing! But of course not, the wonderful David Bowie returns with new song ‘Where Are We Now?’

This was the guy that got attacked by a Polar Bear when he was in a glass ball. Quite cool!

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I have seldom heard a train go by and not wished I was on it

Paul Theroux